Understanding Linux ELF RTLD internals

This text was found here: http://s.eresi-project.org/inc/articles/elf-rtld.txt /* Last update Sun Dec 22 06:55:39 2002 mayhem - Version 0.1 May 2001 - Version 0.2 .::. 2002 (WIP) : - Added stuff about rtld relocation . - Added stuff about rtld symbol resolution . - Various fixes and some links added . This draft remained unreleased for … Continue reading Understanding Linux ELF RTLD internals


Linkers and Loaders

This is an excelent (!!!) article describing in general terms how the process of linking (static and dynamic) and loading elf programs on linux works. This is a very valuable article. The original is found here: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/6463?page=0,0 Discussing how compilers, links and loaders work and the benefits of shared libraries. Linking is the process of combining … Continue reading Linkers and Loaders

How debugger works

This text was found here http://www.alexonlinux.com/how-debugger-works Introduction In this article, I’d like to tell you how real debugger works. What happens under the hood and why it happens. We’ll even write our own small debugger and see it in action. I will talk about Linux, although same principles apply to other operating systems. Also, we’ll … Continue reading How debugger works

Where 0x08048000 ELF address came from?

Reading some ELF [1] and linux memory managing papers [2] I noticed the use of address 0x08048000 for the start of linear address but no one told why this address was chosen. Until now I didn't find an reasonably explanation, below are some links about what I was reading and commenting about this misteriousssss number: … Continue reading Where 0x08048000 ELF address came from?

Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries

Hello. this link [1] points to a excellent tutorial on how to create, modify and hack with static and dynamic libraries on linux! For those who don't know what is a dynamic/static library the tuto explains with step-by-step examples how to start with the code and finish with a dynamic shared library. It also helps to understand … Continue reading Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries