Where 0x08048000 ELF address came from?

Reading some ELF [1] and linux memory managing papers [2] I noticed the use of address 0x08048000 for the start of linear address but no one told why this address was chosen. Until now I didn't find an reasonably explanation, below are some links about what I was reading and commenting about this misteriousssss number: … Continue reading Where 0x08048000 ELF address came from?


Writing a compiler with SableCC

The original post of this text is http://www.brainycreatures.org/compiler/sablecc.asp To create a compiler with SableCC we follow the following steps: We create a SableCC specification file containing the lexical definitions and the grammar for the language being designed. After creating the SableCC specification file, we generate the framework by launching SableCC on the specification file. . At … Continue reading Writing a compiler with SableCC

Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries

Hello. this link [1] points to a excellent tutorial on how to create, modify and hack with static and dynamic libraries on linux! For those who don't know what is a dynamic/static library the tuto explains with step-by-step examples how to start with the code and finish with a dynamic shared library. It also helps to understand … Continue reading Static, Shared Dynamic and Loadable Linux Libraries